Neo-Nazi leaflets in Reno again

Daily Stormer, a nationally prominent neo-Nazi organization, has an active subgroup in Reno, Nevada, formed (according to entries on Gab) about a year ago.  Subgroups are called Stormer Book Clubs.  The local Reno group has leafleted Reno as part of two prior national leafleting campaigns organized by the national organization.  Local residents are aware of the leafleting, on two separate weekends, of one of Reno’s synagogues, because of local press coverage.  They may not be aware that TMCC and South Creek shopping mall were targeted as well.

Lest we think the group’s relative silence means they have disappeared since then, it is important to know that Daily Stormer’s leader, Andrew Anglin, solicits new subgroup members by promising to keep their identities and activities secret.  The far right went underground after Charlottesville because the repercussions of publicity were severe in some cases–legal action, job loss, fear of safety.  The fact that we do not hear much from the groups right now, then, does not mean they do not exist.

Anglin has also stated that the current focus of subgroups is to train members to enter conventional politics.  Yes, that’s right, we should be expecting Daily Stormer members running for office fairly soon, if the group organization is successful.

Despite the move underground, leafleting trophy photos are posted on the Daily Stormer website when there is a national campaign.  As Megan Squires has pointed out, one goal of such leafleting campaigns is to discover which membership inquiries are serious–by seeing if the person inquiring will go out in public with Stormer Book Club fliers, post them and photograph them.  The February 2019 campaign ties Jews to pornography and pedophilia

As the photos below indicate, fliers were left in the Little Free Library boxes in Reno, one on Marsh Avenue in Old Southwest Reno and the other in another location.  It looks like a Stormer Book Club chapter, though not very visible, is active in Reno.

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Paul Lenartreply
February 15, 2019 at 12:18 pm

Always ready for direct action.

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